In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths (Prov 3:6 NKJV).
A Worshiper's Heart Bible Study Series is a core study from Cypress Ministries. We believe God calls us, and God draws us to Him. He seeks to form a close personal relationship with each of us. And, He sent His Son to bridge the gap between Him and us. God, draws us to Him so He can create in His a new heart-- A Heart of Worship that pleases Him.

  • Listen with your heart as our heavenly Father calls you by name (HIS), and speaks to you as if saying, "If you will let me, I will cleanse you, and create in you a new heart. If you will let me, I will heal you, restore you, and comfort you. If you will let me, I will give you a new way of thinking and create in you a heart like mine.... Come lay your burdens down and learn to walk with me, and you will find that all that you need, I AM."
Reflections of
HIS Heart
You cannot have a true heart for other people, unless you first have - A Heart for God.

When we seek to know the Lord's heart, He will work to create in us a heart like His that is reflected to others around us as He works to draw them closer to Him.

Spend some quiet time with the Lord as you seek His wisdom and understanding. Listen quietly as He whispers to you from His heart concerning His will, plans, and purposes for your life.

  When we come hungry and seeking God with all of our hearts, He meets us-- He proves His Word true as He promises to let us find Him. And in the process, He feeds us, redeems us, restores us, and changes us as we grow in Him.

In this series we write to you from our own experiences on how God truly does make Himself know to those who seek Him and lay everything else down and say, "God Here I am."

From our mountain top experiences, to our walks in the valley, and even our trip across the desert as God led us from our Egypt's to our promised land; we can witness to you firsthand, that God indeed is Faithful. Join us as we share lessons we've learned coming face to face with God as He healed us, restored us, moved us, delivered us, and taught us to walk in faith into all that He has.

To Seed
A Soul
Books Series Written by Cypress Ministries
Reflections of His Heart Series
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To Seed A Soul Series
A Worshiper's Heart Series
Featured core book in this series
Available in TWO published versions
"Covering my husband in prayer."

We are created to be paired and to walk two by two. God created woman as the helpmeet for man and to complete him. As women of God, our first ministry is to our husband and then our family. Without this order to God and husband first being fulfilled, all else in a family seems to suffer.

"Praying for HIS needs" is written with all women in mind. Whether you are happily married for fifty years, struggling to build a new family, are a single woman standing on God's promise and waiting for your husband; this prayer book covers your God given man with prayers for His needs from God's Word, as his wife whom God has called you to be.

This series has three books in it. The first one is "Growing in God's Word: Commentary Notebook"

This notebook includes four devotionals to think about, and tips on how to make the most of your quiet time while studying God's Word, along with thoughts on different Bible translations that God uses to speaks to us during different seasons and how to make God's Word more personal by searching for and finding His hidden treasure that speaks to your heart. It also includes study notes on each Book of the Bible, along with many commentary notes on different subjects to help you go deeper in His Word.

The other two books in this series include a companion notebook, and a personal notebook.
Praying In Faith Series
Growing with God Series
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