In all your ways acknowledge Him, and He shall direct your paths (Prov 3:6 NKJV).
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This series has three books in it. The first one is "Growing in God's Word: Commentary Notebook"

This notebook includes four devotionals to think about, and tips on how to make the most of your quiet time while studying God's Word, along with thoughts on different Bible translations that God uses to speaks to us during different seasons and how to make God's Word more personal by searching for and finding His hidden treasure that speaks to your heart. It also includes study notes on each Book of the Bible, along with many commentary notes on different subjects to help you go deeper in His Word.
with God
This series is based on John 15 and Matthew 13. God is the vinedresser, and we are the vines that He has planted. However, if we do not stay “rooted in Him” then we will cease to grow. Jesus said, “if you abide in Me, and My Word abides in you….”  His Word, however, cannot abide in us if the soil of our heart is hardened; it takes constant nurturing, tilling and weeding, if we want our hearts to remain good fertile ground that will bear fruit for the glory of God. Not only will this help us to bear much fruit, but we will also flourish like a Palm tree planted by God (Ps. 92:12-13; Ps. 1:3; and Jer. 17:8).
Growing In God's Word Personal Notebook: Daily reflections as God teaches me to follow as He leads.
8.5" x 11" 220 pages
Priced at $10.00
We encourage you to consider our personal notebook for Growing in God’s Word. It is created for you to record your daily reflections as God gives you insight and teaches you. This will be an asset you will enjoy for years to come as you learn how to become rooted and grow with God in His Word.
Check back to see our biblical insights supplement books that are being worked on.
This notebook has several different sections with suggested key verses, and a topical study guide for you to use to build your own personal concordance, while you study God’s Word.
Growing In God's Word Companion Notebook: A personal concordance of verses and study notes as God teaches me.
8.5" x 11" 222 pages
Priced at $10.00
Growing In God's Word Companion Notebook: Biblical insights for a deeper understanding as God teaches me.
8.5" x 11" 380 pages
Priced at $24.00